Disability calculator

The ERGO insurance group has been one of kaliber5's customers since 2006. Since then we have implemented various projects for ERGO. One of them is the ERGO disability calculator. This illustrates in a very understandable way, using a graphic of a human body, when which degree of disability is reached. Who e.g. loses one of his two eyesight has already reached a degree of disability of 50%.

ERGO offers its customers several accident insurances, which differ primarily in terms of the different amounts of lump-sum benefits depending on the degree of disability. In the case of some products with so-called “progression”, the lump-sum benefit increases significantly more at higher degrees of disability. This is shown very clearly in an interactive diagram that makes it easier to compare the different tariffs. In this way, users can easily find out for themselves which ERGO product makes the most sense for them and which services they can expect in extreme cases.

The web application is designed as a purely client-side JavaScript application in such a way that it can be integrated into a wide variety of communication channels, from to the ERGO app to desktop software for ERGO sales partners for customer advice Place.

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