We love technology. But it always has to serve a purpose. The success of your project.

  • HTML5 based software

    We love modern HTML5 SPA frontends with ember.js, our preferred framework for ambitious web applications. No installation, no plugins. Open your browser and get started. Works. Everywhere.

  • Rich Internet Applications

    As a rule, we build the front end as a so-called single page application, i.e. as a modern, self-sufficient JavaScript application that runs in the browser and exchanges only the most necessary data with a server-side API. As a result, it can shine with minimal loading times and smooth page changes, which usually leads to a high user experience (UX). On request, it can also be used offline as a progressive web app or hybrid mobile app.

  • Responsive Design

    Whether desktop, tablet or smartphone. Mouse or touch. Up or down. We develop software that runs everywhere.

  • Test-driven development

    We believe in quality and vitality through tested software, automated, in the frontend (e.g. ember.js with QUnit / Mocha / Yadda) as in the backend (Behat / phpspec / PHPUnit).

  • Powerful backend applications

    We develop PHP7-based server-side applications and REST APIs with Symfony 4/5, Sylius, API Platform or, in special cases, with node.js.

  • Productive technologies

    We use modern tools for version (git / Github) and task management (JIRA), continuous integration & deployment, build processes (Ember CLI, Sass, Babel, TypeScript) and virtualization (Docker)

  • Open Source

    Our technology stack is based on stable, tried and tested and leading open source software. Wherever we can, we try to give something back through in-house developments. In practice this means many advantages for you. You do not pay any license fees to third party providers and your software remains stable, open, expandable and independent. The source code for your software will of course not be published.

kaliber5 is unaffiliated with any of these companies or brands. All trademarks and company names are the property of their respective owners.

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