Project goals

In addition to adherence to deadlines and costs, our primary goal is to develop solutions that are successful. To achieve this, we use i.a. on:

  • Maximum usability through simple and clearly structured user interfaces

  • Emotional user experiences (UX) with the help of high-quality designs and 3D visualizations as well as gripping single page applications (SPA)

  • Conversion rate optimization (CRO) through extensive user tests during the conception and development

  • Clean system architecture and high code quality so that later extensions can be implemented quickly and with little effort

Agile development. We prefer lean and agile development processes and methods wherever possible, with Scrum as the framework.

User centered design. Before we put the first line on paper, we get to know our user as well as possible. After an intensive observation phase and many interviews, we use personas to define our target group. We examine the customer journey and the context in which the user uses our software. What are the user's problems, what bothers them and what frustrates them? And what are the things that give him joy and moments of happiness? During the entire development process, the knowledge gained in this way is itaratively validated and corrected in user tests. Only those who know their users and involve them in the development can create an application that is really popular.

Early success through early user tests. We carry out the first user tests with our target group not only during the technical implementation, but also in the first conception / mockup phase. In this way, the major barriers in usability and user behavior (CRO) are recognized and eliminated early on, which ultimately leads to more conversions.

High transparency. In our task overview (backlog) the customer always has an overview of the features and their progress. To do this, he gets access to a password-protected test environment. Finished features are imported there after the end of the sprint, so that the customer can always automatically see and use the current status of development live.

Fast to Market. Together with our customer, we develop a list of prioritized features. The more important a feature, the sooner it will be implemented. At regular intervals (usually 2-4 weeks) an improved version of the software is delivered that the customer can see and test. In this way he always has an overview of the entire project and its progress.

Another advantage of this strategy is that a prototype is available after a very short period of time, which users can test and possibly even go on the market. In this way, we can not only identify and eliminate barriers in usability and user behavior (CRO) very early on, but also see early on whether business models work (LEAN Startup) and generate economic benefits at the same time, which enables us to achieve a high level of investment security.

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