Product Configurator.

An important trend in the economy is the digitization of business processes. Offer and product configurators can become an essential part of the value chain. kaliber5 has dedicated itself to precisely this special topic and has designed and developed individual product configurators for the B2B and B2C market since 2008. Particular attention is paid to the following points:


Depending on the target group, customers, salespeople and technicians have different prior knowledge and different demands on a configurator. In any case, however, the operation must be intuitive and simple, so that even inexperienced users can quickly find their way around.

Fence planner from The typical customer of the fence dealer is usually over 50 years old and rather less tech-savvy. That is why we designed the fence planner so that he is really easy to use, on the desktop computer, but also on the iPad or smartphone. Because only if the interested party feels really safe and always has an overview, he becomes a paying customer.

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3D visualizations

The immediate visual feedback from high-quality 3D product images makes the configuration an experience for the user, which strengthens the bond with the product and the brand. The images are calculated and displayed in real time so that the user can move the camera freely and view the product from all sides.

Waterbed configurator from BluTimes. BluTimes is Europe's market leader for high quality waterbeds. In addition to ease of use, the focus of the project was on a product preview that should reflect the high quality of the waterbeds.

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User Experience

Successful software is characterized by a particularly simple, fun or emotionally captivating usability. A specialty of our experienced team of UX designers, software architects and programmers is to design software in such a way that the use of the configurator becomes a playful experience.

Marco Reus 'player website. Marco Reus website is breaking new ground in terms of presentation. Here, fans can experience their favorite footballer and their favorite shoes up close.

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Degree of customization

The degree of customization shows how much the product can be adapted to individual needs. With a high degree of customization, however, there is a great risk that too many options are offered to the user and that he can no longer find his way around. In addition to the increasing complexity, each new configuration option also costs time and money in development. Here it is important to find the perfect balance and to concentrate on the important configuration options.

Wedding ring configurator from amodoro. In 2008 kaliber5 faced the great challenge with the first version of the wedding ring configurator from Amodoro, to make the enormous number of configuration options in a user interface easy and understandable group and thus enable the configuration with a high degree of customization even for laypeople. kaliber5 managed what had previously failed the market and created a quasi-standard with its intuitive user interface, which the following wedding ring configurators of the competition still look amazingly similar to this day.

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Not all combinations can be implemented in practice. In some cases, quite complex mathematical and physical rules can be specified here. These must be taken into account in the application so that the user cannot put together an invalid configuration while using it.

Contact element configurator from Baumann Springs. Contact elements are springs that are used for safe and powerful power transmission. The various dimensions such as (inside and outside) diameter, height , Wire thickness, number of turns in interaction with the corresponding dimensions of the installation space are subject to a large number of interdependencies, with some complex mathematical formulas. The configurator naturally fully takes these restrictions into account, but also offers many visual aids, e.g. the restricted value range (min / Max), which in turn depends on the dependencies on all the other parameters.

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Since kaliber5 only implements individually tailored solutions, connections to all interfaces such as ERP, PIM and shop systems, but also to in-house developments with your own specifications are possible.

Vehicle seat configurator for VW. Sitech Sitztechnik, a 100% subsidiary of Volkswagen AG, develops and produces vehicle seats for various brands of the Volkswagen Group kaliber5 developed a vehicle seat configurator that largely automates the workflow from configuration to commissioning and ordering of materials to billing to be able to carry out administration-intensive processing of special orders outside of the already highly automated series production more efficiently and error-free. For this purpose, interfaces to various services were in the protected VW-Netz developed, from configurability queries of the equipment options, the resulting material lists to the material order up to the company's internal billing with SAP.


Quality comes first, so we always test what we do. From inside (automated software tests and code reviews) as well as from outside (usability tests). The entire system is tested fully automatically after every change to the source code. The code is only released for code review by the development team if all tests have been passed without errors. The update can only go live when the green light has been given from all sides.

The Local Water. For the innovative startup, kaliber5 developed the highly individual e-commerce application as a modern single page app / progressive web app that communicates with an API backend Since bugs can lead directly to loss of sales, great importance was attached to extensive coverage with automated software tests. The front-end app is continuously tested with unit, component and acceptance tests (BDD), and the API test-driven developed. So-called end-to-end (E2E) tests, in which the overall application is finally checked in real browsers and including the integrated third-party systems such as payment gateways, round off the program Deployment in staging (for manual final control) and productive environments fully automatically on modern CI / CD environments in the cloud.


In general, our team is always very curious and likes to try out innovations in software development. Nevertheless, in the end we mainly use technologies that have proven themselves over the long term. The result is modern HTML5-based web applications based on powerful front-end and back-end frameworks that feel like native applications, adapt responsively to any device and run directly in any browser without plugins and long loading times.

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