Window configurator.

kaliber5 is currently working flat out on a new window configurator as an industry solution for the window trade. So that the configurator sets new standards in the industry, we pay particular attention to the following points:

Very easy operation (Usablility)
Many window configurators are difficult to use and have a confusing structure. A clear configurator that is child's play to use will have an enormous market advantage.

3D visualizations. None of the current window configurators corresponds to our idea of ​​an appealing and at the same time informative product presentation. Here our 3D view will set new standards in WebGL technology.

User Experience. A good configurator is fun to use. The user can playfully explore the individual configuration options and is thus quickly introduced to the complex application. The configuration becomes an emotional experience, which increases the sales rate.

High sales quota. In addition to great usability, 3D visualization and user experience, many other factors also play an important role in optimizing the sales quota (Conversion Rate Optimization / CRO). Here we pursue the user centered design approach and our fast to market strategy in order to be able to optimize our configurator quickly and validated in short development cycles.

Integration. The window configurator can be seamlessly integrated into your website / shop. The shopping cart interfaces to all common shop systems are supported during the checkout.

Limited number of participants.

In the go-live phase, the number of dealers who can integrate our configurator will be limited to a maximum of 10. Be one of the first to take advantage of the kaliber5 window configurator. We are happy to hear from them.

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