Facts, Values & Goals.

  • established in 2003

  • owner-managed

  • more than 10 employees

  • experience from over 100 projects

  • over 10 years of experience with web-based product configurators

  • our customers are medium-sized companies, startups and corporations

  • headquarters in central Hamburg

Passionate. We love what we do and we do what we love. Because only what is created with passion can also become really good.

Specialized. We concentrate on our strengths so that we are really good there, instead of just being average at everything.

Personally. Friendly. Uncomplicated. Flexible. We love the contact with our customers and employees.

Responsible. In dealing with customers and employees. In our daily actions. In our private engagement.


We want to be successful with every single project. Not just financially, but simply creating really good products. We can be proud of. Innovative, creative, easy to use. Simply set benchmarks.

We want to have fun at work. Above all, fun in the sense of fulfillment. The feeling of satisfaction with oneself and one's surroundings. The achievement of personal and common goals.

And consciously cultivate and develop a corporate culture that relies on team spirit, trust and personal responsibility as well as personal and professional development. And thus to sustainable success.

And we are looking for customers with whom we can achieve our goals. Those who strive for the perfect result with the same passion, with whom we can communicate on an equal footing, who trust us and whom we can trust.

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