kaliber5 offers 3D product configurators, custom made software and web- and app-solutions for top athletes. kaliber5 is specialized on solutions for 3D product configurators, individual software as well as web and app solutions for top athletes. Produktkonfigurator Software Jobs bei kaliber5



We love what we do and do what we love. Because it takes passion to deliver excellence.


We focus on our strengths so that we perform very well in these areas, rather than averagely in all areas.


Personal. Friendly. Straightforward. Flexible. That’s how we love to work with clients and employees.


In our dealings with clients and employees. In our daily work. In our personal commitment.


We want to make every single project a success. Not just financially, we also want to create excellent products. Products we can be proud of. Innovative, creative, easy to use. Simply setting benchmarks.

We want our work to be fun. Above all, fun in the sense of fulfillment. To feel satisfied with ourselves and our surroundings. Achieving personal and common goals.

And to consciously nurture and develop a business culture that focuses on team spirit, trust and personal responsibility, as well as personal and professional development. And consequently on long-term success.

And we look for clients who can help us achieve our goals. Those who have the same passion to strive for perfect results, those we can communicate with on an equal footing, those who trust us and we can trust in.

Right, let’s get to work!


  • Founded in 2003
  • Owner-managed
  • >10 employees
  • Experience of over 100 projects
  • Over 10 years of experience with web-based product configurators
  • Our clients are top athletes, medium-sized businesses, startups and corporate groups
  • Headquarters in the center of Hamburg


We live by our passion for modern, high-performance technologies. These are subject to constant change, so we also believe in continuous learning. A selection of the most important technologies and development methods that we currently use:

Rich Internet Applications

We love modern HTML5 SPA front-ends with ember.js, our preferred framework for ambitious web applications, enhanced by specialized frameworks such as d3.js or three.js.

High-Performance Back-End Applications

We develop PHP7-based server-side applications and REST APIs with Symfony 4, Sylius, and in special cases also with node.js.

Agile Development

We prefer lean and agile development processes and methods wherever possible, with Scrum as the framework.

Test-driven Development

We believe in quality and vitality by using tested software, automated, in the frontend (e.g. ember.js with QUnit/Mocha/Yadda) and in the backend (Behat/phpspec/PHPUnit).

Productive Tools

We use modern tools, for version (git/Bitbucket) and task management (JIRA), continuous integration & deployment, build processes (Ember CLI, Sass, Babel, TypeScript etc.) and virtualization (Docker).

Open Source

Our technology stack is based on stable, proven and leading open source software. We also try to give something back through our own developments wherever we can.

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Would you like to find out more? You can contact us at any time!

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kaliber5 GmbH

Sorthmannweg 20
22529 Hamburg
Tel: +49 (40) 226325 - 0
E-Mail: info@kaliber5.de


HRB: 99796 Hamburg
USt-ID-Nr.: DE 232385951
Tax number: 43 ⁄ 203 ⁄ 03244


Managing Directors:
Christian Olgemöller,
Simon Ihmig,
Ulf Schmidt-Dumont


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