The Local Water


The Local Water wants nothing less than to revolutionize the way we supply water. The centerpiece are the innovative and certified water filters, which turn ordinary tap water into the best and purest drinking water, guaranteed to be free of bacteria, pesticides, drug residues, heavy metals and much more. This is good for customers who get the best drinking water, save money and no longer have to lug boxes . But also good for the environment, because the complex production and unnecessary consumption of plastic bottles as well as their transport by truck is reduced.


kaliber5 bears significant responsibility for this innovative startup in all areas of the company, from brand development to marketing and sales concepts to digital implementation in design and programming. The latter turned out to be particularly complex and demanding.

Due to the individual requirements and processes, the e-commerce platform was developed completely individually as an API-based backend, based on the established frameworks Symfony and Sylius. The front end runs as a responsive single page app with Ember.js and uses modern technologies such as Progressive Web App (PWA) and Server Side Rendering (SSR) to ensure particularly fast loading times and partially offline availability.

A consistent test-driven development approach, both in the backend and in the frontend, as well as hosting in the Amazon Cloud (AWS) round off the technology concept.

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