We bet on Ember.js. Because we are convinced that the framework is an optimal base for modern, scalable and ambitious web applications.

It provides a well structured architecture, based on established best practices, for web applications tha are easy to extend, scalable and testable.

It supports developers, through reusable components, an extensive ecosystem of powerful addons, through modern tools as well as an active and independent community.

So you can concentrate on the essentials: an optimal UX for the user and a successful project for the customer.


How can we support you on your Ember project?


With our team of experienced software engineers we can support you on your project, either by being responsible for the complete development work or by remotely augmenting your existing team.


We can support your existing team to successfully and efficiently implement projects, for example with architecture decisions, the choice of technologies, one-off audits or frequent code reviews.


Our passion for Ember.js does not stop at work...

Open Source

We, our own Simon Ihmig and the whole team, contribute actively to the Open Source community, e.g. through ember-bootstrap and many more Ember.js addons and codemods.


We founded the first Ember.js meetup group in Hamburg and sponsor, organize and support this developer event.



The Local Water


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The Local Water wants to revolutionize nothing less than the process of our water supply. The centerpiece is innovative and certified water filters, which make ordinary tap water the best and purest drinking water, guaranteed free of bacteria, pesticides, drug residues, heavy metals, etc.   This is good for the customers, who get the best drinking water, save money and no longer have to carry crates. But it is also good for the environment, because the complex production and the unnecessary consumption of plastic bottles will be reduced, as well as their transport by truck.

For this innovative startup, kaliber5 has a significant responsibility in all areas of the company, from brand building and the marketing and sales concept to digital implementation in design and programming.

The latter was particularly elaborate and sophisticated. Due to the individual requirements and processes, the e-commerce platform as an API-based back-end was developed completely individually, based on the established frameworks Symfony and Sylius. The front-end runs as a responsive single page app with Ember.js and uses advanced technologies such as Progressive Web App (PWA) and Server Side Rendering (SSR) to ensure fast loading times and partial offline availability.

A consistent test-driven development approach, both in the back-end and in the front-end, as well as the hosting in the Amazon Cloud (AWS), complete the technical concept.

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fence configurator

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MeinGartenversand.de is one of the old hands among the online suppliers of fencing and accessories. The many years of experience in this segment, as well as the huge range of different fencing systems, have made the shop one of the first websites for fencing on the internet. Many years ago, you already recognized the enormous advantages of configurators and developed a very innovative Flash-based configurator for that time.

However, the introduction of HTML5 and the increasing lack of support for Flash made a complete redesign of the configurator inevitable. kaliber5 had the task of replacing the old Flash-based fence planner with a new, modern configurator. This should not only set new technical standards in the industry, but also score points in terms of usability and user experience, and thus achieve maximum conversions.

Even low-tech users can now easily plan and order their individual fence on desktop and tablet devices. The fence planner automatically calculates the required accessories so that the customer does not have to worry about the details (such as the number of screws).

A special highlight is the simple and intuitive Drag 'n' Drop function, which allows the fence to be playfully designed and so makes the configuration an experience.

In an administration backend, the employees of MeinGartenversand.de can easily and conveniently manage their fence systems in categories. An import interface picks out the fence elements from the Magento shop completely automatically and updates them daily in the configurator. This means that employees only have to maintain the product data in one central location.

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Marco Reus

website + app

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In March 2016, the new website and app of professional footballer Marco Reus went online. The star of Borussia Dortmund is pictured here as a 3D model, and so the website thus represents a technical innovation in the field of personality sites/apps. The clean, elegantly designed site is already the second that kaliber5 has implemented for the national team player. We had already equipped Reus with a website at the beginning of 2012, while he was still playing for Borussia Mönchengladbach.

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Baumann Springs

product configurator

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The Swiss Baumann Federn AG, headquartered in Ermenswil in the canton of Zurich, has been developing, producing and distributing springs and stamped parts at eleven locations worldwide for more than 125 years. With around 1,400 employees, the company has developed an international market-leading position and a well-known customer base in the automotive, electronics and medical technology industries.

For the dynamically growing and innovative business area of contact elements, kaliber5 conceived, designed and developed a B2B configurator application of the highest technical standard. The configurator allows the engineer - whether on the customer or vendor side - to design an individually designed and manufactured contact element, a special technical spring, which is usually used for power transmission. The user can intuitively adapt the product to his needs and adapt it to his specific needs through step-by-step optimization. The product configurator supports him by doing a lot of calculations in the background. This always ensures that all parameters are within reasonable and producible limits. In addition, the effects on the corresponding performance values of the component are calculated and displayed with each change: the maximum power transmission, and the mechanical properties such as the maximum spring deflection. Based on these calculations, even dynamically generated diagrams can be displayed that show the physical relationships between the currently selected product parameters and the resulting performance values.

The project was designed and developed in close cooperation with the customer. Due to the complexity and the desired innovative implementation, only a development according to agile methods was promising. In a short conceptual phase, the product vision was developed using mockups. The detailed conception, implementation and evaluation were then carried out within the agile project management framework Scrum in many iterations, the sprints, in order to be able to provide the customer with maximum transparency and optimal user-centered quality of the end product.

One of the biggest challenges in this project was to package the many parameters of this very technical product into a conclusive UX concept so that customer-side engineers can also use the configurator and understand the actual product behind it. Thus, a control concept was deliberately chosen that resembles the look of CAD software. In addition to entering values in fields, the user can also interactively drag and drop the product dimensions using drag-and-drop. The modern front-end ensures that the boundaries between browser-based websites and interactive desktop software merge. On the other hand, the development team was confronted with a product that, however plain and simple it may seem to the layman, requires understanding of a variety of complex mathematical / physical contexts. As an example: for the determination of the mechanical properties, calculations in three-dimensional space had to be combined with numerical methods of the zero-point search. In order to still keep the performance and speed of the application high, these values were pre-calculated and stored with several million data points in a database - from this, a linear interpolation method in four-dimensional space determines in a fraction of a second the exact approximated value up to several decimal places.

The application has been online since June 2015 and continues to evolve.

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Toni Kroos


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Since 2011, we have worked for the football world champion Toni Kroos, who got his first own website from us. When Kroos moved to Real Madrid after the 2014 World Cup, the time had come for a relaunch. The new site is a visually stunning and emotional review of his career, without reducing the importance of the present and keeping it up-to-date. In a statistics area, you can watch, among other things, all the ball contacts, passes and the pass accuracy of the native Greifswalder live – and in every game!

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