Unisto Name Badges

name badges configurator

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The company Unisto is known for many years for high quality name badges made in Germany. With the new innovative configurator, customers can now customize their own name badges and order them directly online. To optimize the Digitalization of Business Processes, a print master is automatically created with each order. A delay in the ordering process caused by a designer who is manually editing the master is therefore no longer given.

For the development of the online shop and the name badges configurator, kaliber5 focused on a simple usability and a great variety of functions, which were exactly adapted to the customer's needs. Numerous important details and functions, such as automatic cropping of logos, optional removal of white background and the intelligent processing of various file formats were implemented after analysing the logos that were alreday uploaded by the customers. Through ongoing conversion optimization using A/B testing, the purchase rate of the shop system is increased sustainably and steadily.

The Unisto GmbH is based in the beautiful Constance on Lake Constance. Founded in 1926 as a small family business, today, Unisto is an international company with over 600 employees worldwide. All products are still produced in the in-house factory in southern Germany.


The Local Water


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The Local Water wants to revolutionize nothing less than the process of our water supply. The centerpiece is innovative and certified water filters, which make ordinary tap water the best and purest drinking water, guaranteed free of bacteria, pesticides, drug residues, heavy metals, etc. This is good for the customers, who get the best drinking water, save money and no longer have to carry crates. But it is also good for the environment, because the complex production and the unnecessary consumption of plastic bottles will be reduced, as well as their transport by truck.

For this innovative startup, kaliber5 has a significant responsibility in all areas of the company, from brand building and the marketing and sales concept to digital implementation in design and programming.

The latter was particularly elaborate and sophisticated. Due to the individual requirements and processes, the e-commerce platform as an API-based back-end was developed completely individually, based on the established frameworks Symfony and Sylius. The front-end runs as a responsive single page app with Ember.js and uses advanced technologies such as Progressive Web App (PWA) and Server Side Rendering (SSR) to ensure fast loading times and partial offline availability.

A consistent test-driven development approach, both in the back-end and in the front-end, as well as the hosting in the Amazon Cloud (AWS), complete the technical concept.

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fence configurator

[ more ] is one of the old hands among the online suppliers of fencing and accessories. The many years of experience in this segment, as well as the huge range of different fencing systems, have made the shop one of the first websites for fencing on the internet. Many years ago, they already recognized the enormous advantages of configurators and developed a very innovative Flash-based configurator for that time.

However, the introduction of HTML5 and the increasing lack of support for Flash made a complete redesign of the configurator inevitable. kaliber5 had the task of replacing the old Flash-based fence planner with a new, modern configurator. This should not only set new technical standards in the industry, but also score points in terms of usability and user experience, and thus achieve maximum conversions.

Even low-tech users can now easily plan and order their individual fence on desktop and tablet devices. The fence planner automatically calculates the required accessories so that the customer does not have to worry about the details (such as the number of screws).

A special highlight is the simple and intuitive Drag 'n' Drop function, which allows the fence to be playfully designed and so makes the configuration an experience.

In an administration backend, the employees of can easily and conveniently manage their fence systems in categories. An import interface picks out the fence elements from the Magento shop completely automatically and updates them daily in the configurator. This means that employees only have to maintain the product data in one central location.

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garage door configurator

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With the website the company Krapp has developed a completely new business model. Away from the pure trader with a focus on a large assortment of goods, now the service and the needs of the customer are focused.

The newly developed garage door configurator helps those interested to find the optimal garage door for their individual needs and likes in a simple and transparent way. Throughout the whole design processes the user sees next to each option in advance how the total price will change if selecting the option. The user is always shown a preview of the current garage door.

Strictly according to the lean startup method, kaliber5 implemented with minimal development time at minimal costs the logo, the website and the configurator as an MVP, which is now productively tested and iterativly improved.

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wedding ring configurator

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The HCF-Merkle company is a traditional Hamburg wedding ring factory with some of the most modern machinery in Europe.
Even in this industry, a standstill = a backward step. And so in 2008, the kaliber5 company was commissioned to identify ideas and opportunities in order to open up new markets and to optimize existing ones.

Since then, kaliber5 has not only developed a multi-award winning wedding ring configurator for this customer, but also the completely new distribution system called Amodoro. Today, Amodoro is an independent subsidiary of the HCF-Merkle company and makes millions in sales.

The heart of this system is a simple and intuitive to operate configurator. This is used by both end customers and distribution partners, such as jewelers and goldsmiths. This makes it child's play to visualize your own ideas and wishes and to customize your rings so that each one of them is truly unique. There are millions of combinations - of course, only those that are producible. The system also takes over the price calculation, quotation and order processing. Since then, the sales partners are always up to date and can follow the status, production progress and delivery of the ordered goods at any time.

The introduction of this system was a huge success for the HCF-Merkle company. The result: new customers, significant sales growth and a not inconsiderable increase in efficiency.

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Baumann Springs

technical springs configurator

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The Swiss Baumann Federn AG, headquartered in Ermenswil in the canton of Zurich, has been developing, producing and distributing springs and stamped parts at eleven locations worldwide for more than 125 years. With around 1,400 employees, the company has developed an international market-leading position and a well-known customer base in the automotive, electronics and medical technology industries.

For the dynamically growing and innovative business area of contact elements, kaliber5 conceived, designed and developed a B2B configurator application of the highest technical standard. The configurator allows the engineer - whether on the customer or vendor side - to design an individually designed and manufactured contact element, a special technical spring, which is usually used for power transmission. The user can intuitively adapt the product to his needs and adapt it to his specific needs through step-by-step optimization. The product configurator supports him by doing a lot of calculations in the background. This always ensures that all parameters are within reasonable and producible limits. In addition, the effects on the corresponding performance values of the component are calculated and displayed with each change: the maximum power transmission, and the mechanical properties such as the maximum spring deflection. Based on these calculations, even dynamically generated diagrams can be displayed that show the physical relationships between the currently selected product parameters and the resulting performance values.

The project was designed and developed in close cooperation with the customer. Due to the complexity and the desired innovative implementation, only a development according to agile methods was promising. In a short conceptual phase, the product vision was developed using mockups. The detailed conception, implementation and evaluation were then carried out within the agile project management framework Scrum in many iterations, the sprints, in order to be able to provide the customer with maximum transparency and optimal user-centered quality of the end product.

One of the biggest challenges in this project was to package the many parameters of this very technical product into a conclusive UX concept so that customer-side engineers can also use the configurator and understand the actual product behind it. Thus, a control concept was deliberately chosen that resembles the look of CAD software. In addition to entering values in fields, the user can also interactively edit the product dimensions using drag-and-drop. The modern front-end ensures that the boundaries between browser-based websites and interactive desktop software merge. On the other hand, the development team was confronted with a product that, however plain and simple it may seem to the layman, requires understanding of a variety of complex mathematical / physical contexts. As an example: for the determination of the mechanical properties, calculations in three-dimensional space had to be combined with numerical methods of the zero-point search. In order to still keep the performance and speed of the application high, these values were pre-calculated and stored with several million data points in a database - from this, a linear interpolation method in four-dimensional space determines in a fraction of a second the exact approximated value up to several decimal places.

The application has been online since June 2015 and continues to evolve.

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diamond jewelry configurator

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CHRIST Juweliere und Uhrmacher seit 1863 GmbH (CHRIST jewelers and watchmakers since 1863 GmbH) is the largest chain store of the German jewelry industry and is also one of the customers of kaliber5. kaliber5 developed a diamond ring configurator for the company, which is based in Hagen/Westphalia.

CHRIST has a large and varied assortment of diamond rings. The models are offered in various precious metal alloys, stone sizes and stone qualities and can be engraved according to customer requirements. It is impossible to keep all the variations of these products in stock and certainly not in so many stores.

However, in order to be able to offer and show the whole variety to the customer, CHRIST relies on a configurator. This is available to every branch online and is also integrated on Via the configurator, both the branch employees and the end customers have access to all possible model variants and the corresponding prices, and are able to directly order the desired goods via the system. The orders are routed directly to the respective supplier or warehouse, and also, the product configurator indicates whether a ring is in stock in the respective store. The configurator is connected directly to the merchandise management system of CHRIST.


disability calculator

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The ERGO insurance group has been one of the customers of kaliber5 since 2006. Since then we have implemented various projects for ERGO. One of them is the ERGO disability calculator. This illustrates in a very understandable way, based on a graph of the human body, when a particular degree of disability is reached. Whoever loses one of his two eyes, for example, has already reached a degree of disability of 50%.

ERGO offers its customers several accident insurance policies, which differ primarily in terms of the different levels of capital payments, depending on the degree of disability. For some products with a so-called "progression", the capital benefit increases significantly at higher degrees of disability. This is illustrated very clearly in an interactive diagram, with which the comparison of the different tariffs is simplified. The user can thus easily find out which ERGO product is the most appropriate for him and what he can expect in the extreme case.

As a purely client-side JavaScript application, the web application was designed so that it could be integrated into various communication channels, from through the ERGO app to the desktop software for the ERGO sales partners for customer advice on site.

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insurance calculator

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Harley-Davidson Insurance Services is a collaboration between Harley-Davidson and ERGO to provide Harley drivers with bespoke and optimal all-round insurance coverage.

On the portal, Harley owners can not only take out motor vehicle liability and fully comprehensive car insurance, but also take out other insurance products, such as accident, risk and legal protection products, or simply obtain information about them and contact local consultants.

kaliber5 programmed the rate calculator for these special insurance products and of course also implemented the entire associated website. All Harley insurance products are calculated using the software developed by kaliber5, which is used not only online, but also by over 150 insurance agencies in Germany and Austria. This web-based software independently generates all contract documents and provides provisional EVB numbers. Damage reports can also be made directly via the insurance portal.

We would like to thank Harley-Davidson and ERGO for the trust they have placed in us and we are very pleased to be able to technically supervise this above-average successful cooperation since its inception.

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What others are saying

  • Before starting the project, we were very worried about whether our new partner would understand our products and their difficult mathematical relationships. And whether it would be possible to create an attractive and easy-to-use software from dry material. Fortunately, our worries were unfounded.

    Ueli Kiefer / BAUMANN SPRINGS LTD.

  • For me, having a personal and reliable cooperation is very important. Nor do I like it when our partners wildly throw about technical terms. The skill is more in how to quickly and easily create working software together.

    Diana Nowak / CHRIST Juweliere & Uhrmacher seit 1863 GmbH

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